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Today is the day. Today is the day (for my timezone, mind you) that the last Harry Potter movie will start playing in theatres. And boy, am I EXCITED! And sad because everything is coming to an end.

I remember when I first received the first two Harry Potter books during 3rd grade for Christmas (along with some Gap clothes) from my cousin. I didn't understand them and it was difficult for me to read. But I do remember all my 4th grade classmates raving about how good the book was. Alas, you see, my brain had not caught up with the fantastic British literature J.K. Rowling had delicately painted in written form.

It wasn't until 6th grade, Spring break when I decided to read Books 1-5 all in a week and a half. That was when my love for Harry started. (And also when I stole Books 3 and 4 from my best friend's sister... I wonder if she still wants them back?) I used to call "Draco", Drah-Ko until my friend corrected me. And said "Ginny" with the g-sound instead of the j-sound. It wasn't until last year when I finally noticed "Privet Drive" was not 'Private Drive.'

JKR taught me a lot of things. And I know a lot of fans are going bats, telling the world how Harry Potter had shaped their lives and they would not be who they are if it weren't for JKR and basically looking like a mental patient too wound up about a little book series.

But let me tell you this! These crazy people have a point (now I'm not going to go scream to the world as if JKR gave birth to me and I'm thanking her for life...). I feel if it weren't for JKR, I would not be reading as many books as I do now. Nor would I be writing this today.

She wrote a story about friendship and how unbreakable it can be. How friendship can go to the ends of the Earth and come back to you more loyal and loving than before. She wrote about a mother's love that runs so deep that even after death, it still protects her son to the very end. And most of all, she wrote about a boy, an ordinary boy, facing tremendous hardships, persevering and displaying bravery and courage like no other. 

She spoke of a world that was divided by wizards and muggles. And within those communities, further divided by blood. This world may be fantasy but the idea of warring nations and people who murder and kill and people who fight and die for good is not fantasy.

I'm thankful for JKR and love her for sharing her amazing world and allowing millions of fans and readers to come together and celebrate one truly, magical story.

365 times a year

The sun's light peaks through those grey Vancouver clouds and spills into my room everyday. I might as well write something about what happens afterward.


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