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For the past two days I've been sitting around re-watching the first season of Pokemon. Why? Because I love it! And it's summer and I have no obligations and it just feels good to delve into the past of your childhood. (It might also be because I'm mourning the fact that Harry Potter is ending.)

I found watching these episodes that there's a lot of cheesy puns that go on plus the fact that Team Rocket goes through a lot of abuse that would put any normal human being into the hospital and even possibly kill them. I guess if it's a children's cartoon, anything can happen!

It's always good to come back to things you watched or did as a child because you get a whole new perspective on everything. Everything is a lot funnier because you understand it or everything is a lot more on the "wtf, why was this funny again?" side. And a lot of things that I've noticed go a long the lines of, "And why was this allowed to be shown to children?!?!"

For example, in Sailor Moon, Sailor Uranus and Neptune were cousins and they also were, I don't even know if this is right, lesbian. And I watched it when I was a kid! You might think, yeah, homosexuality shouldn't be seen any differently then heterosexuality but back then (at least 12 years ago for me), everything was usually censored in North American television. If you watch the Japanese version of some of the Sailor Moon episodes, a lot of violence is edited out. Plus, Serena is in high school while Darian is well into college! (Mind you, I'm thinking this in terms of 12 years ago when the internet wasn't that popular and a 51 year old man marrying a 16 year old girl was considered taboo in North American culture.)

Anyway.. back to Pokemon. It isn't all that bad but I never knew Ash was so stubborn or so conceited at times. But he makes it up by loving his Pokemon all the way and doing anything to help them. Ahhh.. friendship is so much sweeter in fiction (*cough*)

Let me say this and I have a little sister who is 8 years old at the moment: tv shows these days aren't so family friendly anymore. I grew up watching Full House (which had very good morals in the end), Boy Meets World, Brotherly Love, Sailor Moon, Big Comfy Couch, Ready or Not, Pokemon, Digimon, Power Rangers, Two of a Kind, Teenage Guardian Angel, all the old school Disney Movie Cartoons and etc. but as I watch shows like Hannah Montana, iCarly, Sunny with a Chance, Cory in the House and all these crazy new Disney shows... the lack of morals is starting to put a frown on my face.

Maybe I was sheltered and lucky enough to avoid those "not so good" shows when I was a child but I find less and less of those cheesy, end of the show moments when the main character's dad or mom would bend down on one knee and hug their child, telling them what they did was wrong and the child admitting to the fault and vowing to change their ways.

Now a days. the plot usually goes along the lines of: I want something! I'm going to do something extremely stupid and unrealistic to obtain what I want. I do this insane stupid thing and get all of friends covered in spaghetti or soaked in goop or fall down a hill. I try to fix it by doing something even stupider and mess it up even further. In the end, I fail and find out I shouldn't have done that stupid thing in the first place.

I find the messages these days are: go do stupid things but don't do them twice!

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Yesterday I had to go get a echocardiogram because since I was one years old, I've had some sort of murmur in my heart along with some artery or vein being too small with a very thick valve (there is a name for this, but I will go on to explain later why I don't know). I've been getting my heart checked along with ECGs every 2-4 years and I hate it.

It wasn't so bad when I was little for very obvious reasons. For one thing, while I was younger, I didn't mind doing it nor do I even remember doing it. But as a I became older and more aware of the... ahem... changes in my body, being naked and being poked around with a slimy thing didn't seem that comfortable anymore (laugh at the sexual innuendo!).
Both parties in real life aren't that happy to be doing this.
(I'm on my side with one of those gowns unlike this guy who is perfectly comfortable and boobless being topless, smiling like he's getting a happy ending from a masseuse *cue the laughter/cringing*)

This year was a different because I am now considered an adult and now could no longer be checked under pediatrics. So I had to go to a completely new place to get everything done, plus I have to go twice unlike before where I got checked-up (weighed, height measured..etc. ), echocardiogram, ECG and doctor consultation all in one day. And the ultrasound technician had NO record of what my problem was.... Neither did I since I would assume, when you go transfer to another doctor, the previous doctor would consult with said new doctor about such things.

Professional, eh?

Oh well. It looked like they had a problem to begin with because the receptionist couldn't even find my appointment and had to call a whole bunch of people confirming it. I'm not complaining about the professionalism here but I would like to think "We're in this whole new technologically advanced era. Is it that earth-shattering that you cannot find the name of a scheduled patient?"

All in all, both parties were embarrassed because: A) They never saw me coming for an appointment, B) No previous records, C) I had no previous records of my heart condition and had to drag my mom into the room and tell the technician what my heart condition is, to only find that my mom's been telling all my elementary and high school teachers the wrong name of my condition, and finally, D) I have no idea what my condition is called.

And I have a bruise around my boob because my "ribs are very close together" and I lied about my weight since they didn't weigh me today.
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First posts are always awkward. It's like meeting someone new. You don't know anything about them and you have no idea if you should be yourself or do that thing you do when you have a question and you're too resistant to ask the Sales Associate standing there, looking at you struggle.

I'll do the latter.

My name is Everet. Of course, it's not my real name. I don't know why I'm being anonymous even though on my profile I have basically given most people the means to find me if they have the spare time to play detective (read my entries, go to UBC, stalk a random 19 + Chinese girl who rides a bike along the river and has a pet fish named after a food). Did that sound like one of those randomly misplaced ads for "Sexy Singles"? I am single, in case you were wondering.

If you did decide to play Nancy Drew, you would know I have a family! 2 parents and 2 younger sisters, to be exact. Like all siblings, they drive me crazy especially the middle one, Chelle, who is a Gemini and boy, does she ever act like one. The other, Ally, is ten years younger than me and I sincerely feel sorry for her. Her two older sisters are both too old to play house or dolls with her and she's always bored and constantly disappointed because no one plays with her. I try my best but like any human being, I'm faulty.

It's summer but it doesn't feel like it. I mean, it just rained all morning yesterday, or was it two days ago? Point is, it rains in the summer and I can wear jeans and still feel comfortable enough. And don't get me started on Vancouver's half-ass weather. It's as if it decides to wake up like a cranky old mother, raging grey and rain and then by afternoon, it gets tired from being difficult and instead, shines hot wind onto the land. I say, make up your mind and save me from carrying a raincoat in the sunny afternoon when I only needed it in the morning.

I think I covered most things people hear about when first meeting a new person. You hear about their name, where they study, what their job is (I work as a Sales Associate, duh), their family and of course, don't forget, the weather!

365 times a year

The sun's light peaks through those grey Vancouver clouds and spills into my room everyday. I might as well write something about what happens afterward.


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