Jul. 10th, 2011

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I only bothered to take pictures of green onions.

I was finally able to convince my dad to make his onion pancakes for me. It's hard to get him to do anything at all since he comes home from work, just wanting to be lazy like anybody who likes to be lazy.

The green onion pancakes ("green onion oil crackers" when translated directly in my language -- Cantonese) that my dad makes can't be found anywhere else.. at least from the 2 places I've tried to eat at. They're pretty dry and actually not that oily and thicker, plus, it's not fried!

If you're wondering how to make them, I can only tell you from what I see because I have never asked my dad how to make it. Make some dough (I don't know how to make the dough...), cut the green onions, mix it in with the dough along with lots of oil and salt, mush it, roll the dough into a long... thing, cut them about an inch big and then roll them flat. Cook them on a frying pan and voila!

I really advise you to just look it up on Google.

What is Chinese food? )

365 times a year

The sun's light peaks through those grey Vancouver clouds and spills into my room everyday. I might as well write something about what happens afterward.


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